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Decorating with Southwestern Style

We share ideas and tips for incorporating this earthy style into​ your decor.

southwestern style decor
Recalling the beauty of desert 
landscapes, Southwestern decor is warm and full of energy with a hint of rugged appeal. This style evokes a sense of place with its unique geometric patterns, artisan-made pottery, and rough-yet-cozy aesthetic. Rich colors, such as turquoise and terracotta, combine with solid furniture made of patinaed iron, distressed leather, and weathered wood. Common motifs are Native American- and ranch-inspired, including lassoes, animal hides, and dreamcatchers.

Tip! Don't over do it. With so many elements making up this style, pick a few and use them throughout your space with a light-handed touch. Notice the shelves (left) have only one or two items on them, balancing out the boldly-patterned decor.

Photo: Harvest House Craftsmen