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Decorating with Ocean Hues

Incorporate a variety of blues, aquas, greens, and neutrals into your home for calming, yet chic, décor.

ocean hues
whether designing
a coastal retreat (see left) or a spa-like haven, ocean hues create a relaxing environment that is perfect for today's busy lifestyle. You can't go wrong with one of Mother Nature's favorite palettes: an array of aquas and blues, calming seafoam, neutral sand, deep ocean navy, and crisp wave-cap white.
Start with a neutral base of white or tan. Then, layer on blue and green shades in varying intensities. Use the most saturated hues sparingly and for emphasis. If you crave vivid color, try mixing in coral, lime, or yellow.

Bring It Home
Taking your decorating cues from the beach is easy! We've picked our top 30 ocean-inspired products.