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Decorating with Moroccan Style

Give your home a global feel! We share the must-have elements of this alluring, exotic style.

moroccan living room
Bold and bright, Moroccan
decor features an exotic mingling of ornate patterns, vibrant colors, and metallic accents for a chic desert-dweller vibe. Elaborately carved wood furniture sets the backdrop for vivid reds, oranges, blues, and greens; while pouf ottomans with intricate stitching lend a relaxed-but-stylish feel to any room. Metal lanterns (both hanging and freestanding) are a must--when aglow with lit candles at night they add to the style's romantic ambiance. A staple in Moroccan architecture, arches are incorporated on tables and mirrors.

Tip! To bring just a touch of Moroccan style into your home, look for accent pillows, chairs, rugs, and throws in quatrefoil, tile, and modified trellis patterns.

Photo: Laura U Design Studio

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