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Color Trend: Indigo

Bring this timeless, yet of-the-moment hue into your home with our tips and product picks.

Considered tried and true 
colors in home decor, shades of blue are always popular. This year, we're loving indigo—a bold, bright blue with just a hint of purple. Reminiscent of denim, this deep hue can be paired with crisp white, cool gray, playful aqua, and vibrant orange. For a fresh twist, find global patterns (ikat, suzani, quatrefoil, tribal prints) that prominently feature indigo. If your look is a little more classic, opt for stripes and polka dots in this trendy shade.

Tip! Feeling brave? Use a big dose of indigo in a small room for a punch of color. Our editors are here to help you with easy ways to begin Decorating in Blue.

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Check out our editors' favorite indigo finds, from wall art to area rugs.

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