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30 Picks for Decorating a Sunroom

Create a relaxing sunroom that everyone can enjoy with these helpful tips and product finds.

A beautiful view and natural
sunlight are the highlights of any sunroom. Make the most of the landscape outside with comfy seating and fun decor. In this sunroom, dark-hued wicker seating is both casual and refined, while pops of bright blue, yellow, and pink set off the foliage outside. Be sure to select fade-resistant fabrics to keep cushions and pillows looking bright for years to come. Colorful accents also add personality, plus candle lanterns and flowering plants complete the space.

Tip! If window treatments are a must, choose sheer curtains or roll-up bamboo shades to optimize sunlight.

Design: Clean Design Partners

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Create a relaxing atmosphere in your sunroom (or porch) with these must-have picks from our editors.

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