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20 Picks for Colorful Table Lamps

Looking for a bright way to update your home? Try new lighting!

table lamps
Easily refresh your space with
new lighting. A pair of colorful table lamps can bring new life to a room. Select lamps in a hue that complements your room's existing decor—this will make the lamps feel as if they were always a part of the space. In this living room, a pair of yellow lamps take their cue from the accent pillow and wall art. The bold hue feels in tune with the primary color scheme of red, blue, and yellow.

Tip! There's no need to limit colorful lamps to the living room. Place a duo on a dining room buffet table, entryway console table, or on each nightstand for a burst of color and personality in any space.

Photo: Chango & Co.

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