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by Katie Bower

Her name is Bower. Katie Bower. She married a goodlookin’ studmuffin, Jeremy. They’re just a couple of suburban Atlantans who decided to write about this crazy adventure called life in their blog BowerPower. Katie is a 30-year-old former homeschooler who has a love for decor, entertaining, jokes, and photography. A blog seemed like the best way to catalog their transformations and family escapades without actually picking up a phone or breaking out the stationary.

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  • Valentine's Day is here and I love infusing our home with little 'love touches'. I feel like our favorite February holiday is neglected, though. We make cards and buy tons of candy and roses, but our homes don't feel the love. Christmas gets its heyday, Thanksgiving has a big throw down, but Valentine's Day gets ignored. I say we change that (in the name of love) and declare Cupid our new favorite decorator. Sorry Nate Berkus and Sarah Richardson... you can have the rest of the months.

    Here are some of my favorite ways to bring in the heat, the passion, and the red, white, and pink to celebrate love in our space.
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  • Go Gradient: I love the idea of painting a canvas, a piece of plywood, a pillow cover, a dresser, even a wall just for Valentine's Day.  Take one area that would make a high impact and create a gradient in pinks, reds, and white.  It's simple and effective, and only takes a bit of red and white paint. Plus, you could layer other art on top and the ombre effect would make the piece pop!
  • Go Big or Go Home: Use one oversized art piece in bold red or pink for a seasonal splash of color. I don't know if my testosterone-loving boys would dig the girly doilies and curly ribbon that comes with Valentine's Day, but they would totally approve of one big red or pink statement piece in a room.  And that statement piece could be anything that reminds you of the ones you love (a number, letter, street sign, wedding symbol, etc.) in the color of passion.
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  • Go Barely There: When it comes to most things, boys like the phrase 'barely there' and this also applies to pink.  If you plan on painting a room with the color of love, a barely pink hue is the way to go.  It's subtle and grownup and doesn't scream tween bedroom.  The best barely there pinks are borderline tan or cream and act like a neutral.
  • Get Wordy: If pinks and reds aren't your thing, using graphic images and words might be a better match.  I like the idea of spelling things out (literally) with words like LOVE, BE MINE, FOREVER, XOXO, SWEET, or DEAREST.  Or, you could create art with graphic images like a giant heart, roses, cupcakes, kisses, or arrows.  Cupid would be proud  [:)]    Oh, and it doesn't need to be red or pink because it speaks for itself.
  • Photo Credit: House and Home
  • Get a Threesome: Sometimes our rooms are blue. Sometimes they are green. Or white. Or yellow.  So how do we get that room to nod at Valentine's Day when the room isn't red or pink?  Take three small things in red or pink and spread them around the room.  In the bedroom that could be a pillow, a throw, and a vase of flowers.  In the living space try using a cushion, a stool, and a piece of art.  Decorating the kitchen with a threesome could be easy with a kettle, some cute dishtowels, and a new table runner.  It's as easy as one, two, three.

    - Katie
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