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How to Use Storage Crates in Your Home

by Jackie Hernandez

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  • Photo: Jackie Hernandez
  • When I needed a lot of storage for not a lot of money, I made a set of DIY rolling storage crates.

    We use four of them for toy storage in the playroom. They look fabulous and hold a ton of toys. The industrial look is right at home under the daybed in our pirate-themed playroom.

    They were so easy and inexpensive to make, I have been looking for other ways to use crates around the house. Here are five more ideas for using storage crates in your decor:
  • Photo: Jackie Hernandez
  • 1. Bulk Pantry Storage

    In the pantry, a rolling crate is a great place to store bulk items. Crates help maximize storage space at the bottom of the pantry without setting anything on the floor.
  • Photo: Jackie Hernandez
  • 2. Library on Wheels

    My boys love this idea for keeping their book collection. They can easily flip through all the titles and pick out a favorite to cuddle up with.
  • Photo: Jackie Hernandez
  • 3. Bath Necessities

    Nothing is worse than not having a towel in arms reach when you get out of the bath. Keep a crate nearby the tub stocked with fluffy towels and other bathing must haves.
  • Photo: Jackie Hernandez
  • 4. Be Prepared to Cozy Up

    ​Another great place to use a crate is next to the sofa to hold extra throw blankets and pillows. We love to snuggle up on our family room sectional for a movie, but always want more pillows and blankets than what we keep on display. The extras look great stashed in a crate next to our sectional sofa's chaise.
  • Photo: Jackie Hernandez
  • 5. Pet Supplies

    Pets come with lots of accessories. A crate is ideal for keeping all their food, treats, toys, and grooming supplies in one place. I used a basket within the crate to corral smaller items.

    Check out the easy step by step instructions to build your own rolling storage crates. Soon you will be looking for places to use them all around the house.
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