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by Kate Van Geldern

Kate is the voice behind DomestiKatedLife, a lifestyle blog, where she writes about entertaining, recipes, decorating ideas, and DIY projects. When Kate is not busy photographing her next domestic endeavor, she is working in social media and living with her husband in the city of Boston.

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  • One of my favorite parts of fall is taking our annual trip out to the apple orchards and picking our own apples straight from the tree. It's such a quintessential autumn experience to kick off the season. But what to do with all of those apples once you get home? I have a few ideas for how you can incorporate apples into everything from updating the traditional apple pie to incorporating them into your tabletop decor!
  • apple brie
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  • Apple Appetizers

    Start off your menu with an apple-appetizer. I use a baked brie en croute with apple compote recipe and it comes out delicious; the creamy, warm cheese is complimented by the sweetness of the apples and spice of cinnamon and cardamom. Plus it's something that's easy to make ahead of time and leave in the fridge, then heat up right before guests arrive.
  • apple punch
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  • Apple Cocktails

    While at the orchard, I can never pass up a jug of fresh apple cider, which makes a great base for my apple autumn punch. The punch combines cider, bourbon, and a dash of cardamom clove simple syrup with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice—I love to serve it in mason jar mugs!
  • apple pie jars
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  • Apple Desserts

    You know the saying, "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" Well that's how I feel about apple pie, I always go back to my trusty recipe from Grandma; it's a classic! But to spice up the look of the pie, I portion out the filling into mini mason jars and top them with the same pie crust recipe, with a little cookie-cutter dough heart on top to make them look more special. They're perfectly portioned to serve as individual desserts to your guests. 
  • caramel apples
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  • Apple Decor

    I love the idea of a multipurpose centerpiece—instead of using flowers as table decor, why not use one of your food items? I created homemade salted caramel apples with a simple grocery store kit and popsicle sticks, and then displayed them on a vintage silver tray as a centerpiece. Then at the end of the night, your guests can bring these home as party favors—double duty decor!
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