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by Cassity Kmetzsch

Cassity Kmetzsch, an interior designer with a love of remodeling, shares tons of decorating ideas and problem-solving tips on her popular blog, Remodelaholic. A Remodelaholic through and through, both Cassity and her husband Justin have remodeled four homes together. One of the things that she loves the most? Reinventing and recycling pieces or building leftovers that she already has on hand. Cassity has two young daughters that she hopes to teach her remodeling ways just as soon as they are able to!

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  • blankets
  • Now is the time to prep your home for winter, especially if you get early cold temperatures and snow, like we do! Inside and outside your home, there's plenty of preparation to be done to save you from a possible emergency or just a big inconvenience. I have a full winter home prep checklist here, but make sure you check off at least the essentials to keep your family safe and cozy.

    Inside Your Home

    1. Prep your heater by changing your furnace filter, cleaning your chimney, and having a technician come for an annual furnace check. Don't forget to winterize your cooling system, too, so you don't have problems when spring rolls around again!
    2. Maximize your heating system by checking for leaks in attics, crawl spaces, and around window and door seals; insulating your water heater; and switching the direction of your ceiling fans so they will circulate warm air properly. Many utility companies or government programs will do a home heating check for a small cost or even free, so do some research to see if programs like these exist in your area. 
    3. Stock up on emergency essentials, like water storage and canned foods, so you are ready if a winter storm hits. It can also be nice to "shop" from your own pantry instead of having to run to the grocery store on a snowy night!
    4. Change up your entryway arrangements to allow room for coats, boots, and other winter items. Add a rug, if needed, by the front door so that guests can easily step inside for a quick visit without worrying about leaving a puddle or dirtying your carpet. 
    5. Pull out the extra blankets, add an extra sitting chair and reading lamp, and grab a stack of books or magazines so you can hibernate on those evenings (or weekends!) that you just don't feel like going out. 
  • winter trees
  • Outside Your Home 

    1. Trim any trees that hang near your home or yard that could become unstable with heavy snows.
    2. Stock up on ice melt or gravel and have it ready before the snow flies so your sidewalks and driveway are safe for you and passersby. Grab a new snow shovel or make sure that your snow blower or other snow removal tools are in good working order and ready for the first snow.
    3. Check handrails to make sure they're sturdy and can support your weight when you'll need it. Investing in a good pair of snow boots with extra traction can help you keep your feet underneath you, too!
    4. Inspect your roof (or hire a professional) to make sure that you aren't missing any shingles. You don't want to discover a leak with the first big storm! Now is also a good time to clean out your gutters to prevent possible flooding. And, while someone is on the roof, consider putting up any holiday lighting now to beat the colder weather.
    5. Update and maintain outdoor light fixtures. Especially when it gets dark so early, it's important to make sure your lighting is adequate so that you can traverse the snowy ground safely. 
    6. Prep your vehicles by checking the fluids and battery, switching to snow tires, ensuring your tires are properly inflated, and making sure you have a roadside emergency kit, including water and a warm blanket or two, just in case.

    Prepping your home for winter now means that you can enjoy the snowy white beauty instead of scrambling in it and cursing Mother Nature. Happy winterizing!
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