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  • Organizing woes got you down? Have no fear! There's a way to keep your house looking neat and tidy, whether it's a studio apartment or a spacious family home. Our editors share their best tips, tricks, ideas, and advice for organizing every space in your house, from the entryway to kids' rooms.
  • living room organization

    Living Room

    The first step in living room organization is to create zones. Start by identifying the areas of the room where different activities take place—maybe one corner is dad's home office, while another is the kids' play area. Once you know each zone's purpose, you can organize it with the proper storage essentials, from bins and baskets to shelves and more.

    Tip! Multi-functional coffee tables with bins, shelves, and more make it easy to stash clutter and infrequently used items.

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  • bedroom organization


    Start the organization process in the bedroom by picking decor and furniture pieces that hide clutter, such as beds with under-bed storage and decorative boxes that corral jewelry, phone chargers, and remotes.

    Tip! Place an upholstered bench with shoe cubbies at the end of your bed as a clever storage solution.

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  • kitchen organization


    The best place to start when organizing a kitchen is with the pantry, drawers, and cabinets. To determine where groups of items should go, consider the location in the kitchen. For example, pots and pans should reside next to the oven, while the drawer of flatware should live near the plates and everyday drinkware.

    Tip! For the pantry, choose storage boxes with labels on the fronts so you'll know what's inside at a glance.

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  • bathroom organization


    Begin organizing your bathroom by selecting storage containers that are pretty and stylish enough to be seen every day. Roll up hand towels and place them in a basket on a shelf and use lidded canisters to contain cotton swabs, makeup brushes, and more.

    Tip! Maximize your vertical space by placing a linen tower in a small corner or an organizer above the toilet.

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  • entryway organization

    ​​Entryway and Misc. Spaces

    Entryways are the first thing guests see when they stop by, so make sure yours is free of clutter. Tidy linen closets, garages, and basements make it easy to find stored items easily when you need them most.

    Tip! In an entry, use decorative baskets and bowls to catch mail, keys, shoes, and more.

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  • kids organization

    Kids' Spaces

    Staying organized is especially important when it comes to little ones, from their playrooms and bedrooms to dedicated homework spots. Start the organization process by making sure any storage piece you purchase is kid-sized, since children won't be able to reach high shelves or bins.

    Tip! Use color-coordinated or labeled bins or drawers to ensure kids know what goes where.

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  • apartment organization

    ​Bonus: Apartment Tips

    Organization can make up for what an apartment lacks in square footage. Before you begin decorating, consider your apartment's storage opportunities—Do you have enough space in the kitchen for a portable island? Are your ceilings tall allowing you to install shelves over doorframes to create more storage space?

    Tip! One interior designer suggests hanging floating shelves or cubes to serve as bookshelves when floorspace is at a premium. Get more designer tips in our Designer 411: Spring Cleaning.

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