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  • With just a few folds and a cotton ball, you can turn an ordinary napkin into a cute bunny rabbit. It's like magic! Perfect for an Easter place setting—bring this whimsical look to your dining table with these easy how-to steps below. For the best results, iron your napkins before folding. 

    What you'll need:
    1. ​Square cotton napkins
    2. ​Cotton balls
    3. ​Double-sided tape
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    Step 1:

    Fold your square napkin in half. 

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    Step 2:

    Once more, fold the napkin in half. It should look like a long, narrow rectangle.

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    Step 3:

    Fold down the top left-hand corner and top right-hand corner so they meet in the center of the napkin; forming a point at one end. 

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    Step 4:

    Keep the napkin in the same position and fold up the bottom left-hand and bottom right-hand corners. 

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    Step 5:

    ​Fold the left- and right-hand corners of the diamond-shaped napkin inward so they meet in the center. At this point, you'll notice the two points facing down will become the bunny ears. 

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    Step 6:

    Now, keep everything in place and carefully turn your napkin over to the other side. 

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    Step 7:

    Take the top point of the napkin and fold it down so that it's just above the center of the napkin. 

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    Step 8:

    Now, hold in place and carefully turn the napkin over one more time. 

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    Step 9:

    Take the left-hand corner and slightly roll it to the center of the napkin. Next, take the right-hand corner over and tuck it into the fold on the left corner to secure the napkin. 

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    Step 10:

    Now for the finishing touches! Turn the bunny upright and shape accordingly so it has a secure base. Take some time to fluff the bunny's ears so they appear fuller. Depending on how big you want the cottontail to look, take one (or combine two) cotton balls and secure it to the napkin with double-sided tape. 

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