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  • how to decorate with pink
    Photos (left to right): Armelle Habib / Home Life / Terrat Elms
  • When you think of pink, what comes to mind? Barbie, bubble gum, Valentine's Day, little girls who want to be princesses? Yeah, me too. In order to dispel pink's less than favorable reputation, I found more than a dozen appealing rooms that feature pink, and studied them, to figure out how the designer pulled it off. Here's what I deduced: Most, with the exception of the tween bedrooms, used the color on just one key element. Let's have a look.
  • In Your Bedroom

    These two rooms are absolutely white, from the floor and walls to the furniture, curtains, lighting, and bedding. Powerful pink neon accessories—oversized artwork and cluster of simple throw pillows—are layered atop a pristine white canvas, and bam, the rooms sparkle. 
  • In a Girl's Room

    These rooms, designed for little girls, get larger doses of pink, but the designers stick to rich tones to avoid that sickly sweet effect. Ana Donohue, who designed the room on the left, painted a neon melon-tinted accent wall against which the white furnishings pop, then added pink patterned accessories. You may recognize the room on the right as Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter's bedroom. She gets the mandatory canopy, but while the bed itself is upholstered in deep rose, many of the curtains are done in neutral tones.
  • In the Boudoir

    The feminine vanity area on the left, just off a master bath, is decorated in a classic Park Avenue style. However, instead of red, yellow, blue, or green, the petite skirted chair and formal curtains are dressed up in an unexpected pink hue. On the right, a pale pink Belle Epoque chandelier transforms a white space into the most dreamy dressing room. 
  • Photos: Unknown / Made a Mano
  • In the Bathroom

    A bathroom with clean lines and classic black and white floor tiles is made fresh with a cotton candy pink ceiling. On the left, a purple-pink tile backsplash adds character. 
  • In the Dining Room

    The formal dining room on the left gets whimsical with the hot pink chinoiserie wallpapered panels atop an even deeper pink wall. It's like Palm Beach for Barbie! In a good way. The dining room on the right belongs to Decor8 blogger Holly Becker. She chose a white-on-white, mid-century-slash-Scandinavian vibe. The rich, over-dyed pink rug adds color as well as on-trend style.  
  • In the Kitchen

    The eat-in kitchen on the left is home to a single mom of four in Los Angeles. I hope her pretty pink chairs help get her though the day. I've been seeing a lot of kitchens in which lower cabinets (or the island) are painted in a color that deviates from the rest of the scheme. Going pink is definitely a unique choice.
  • In the Living Room

    If you are a true pink aficionado (and don't share your place with a manly man), it's possible to pull off a space that incorporates more than a just touch of the rosy hue. Interior designer Angie Hranowsky is one of the best at using the color. She mixes classic with comfortable and a shot of bohemian in this living room, with its tie dye-like pink shades and plush pink sofa. I want to hang out there!
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