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How to Decorate with Faux Florals and Plants

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  • Instantly bring life to your space year-round with faux florals and plants. From bouquets of bright tulips to leafy indoor trees, you can add a fresh touch to any corner, shelf, or flat surface. Choose a style that speaks to you, or decide on an arrangement based on a season, color palette, or room theme. The best part? They're easy to maintain and won't die on you!
    We've come up with a helpful list of popular faux botanicals, as well as tips for how to work them into your space. Read on to find out more.
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    Faux Florals

    Examples of faux florals: Orchid, hydrangea, tulip, rose, lily, peony
    Decorating Idea! Sold individually or in a pre-made bouquet, a mix of different flowers will liven up any faux floral arrangement. It will add a more realistic, fresh look to your décor. If you're looking for more decorating ideas, read our 7 Tips for Decorating with Flowers. 

    Tip! Think natural details. Petals or leaves with a waxy, velvety, or filmy look (and feel!), appear more organic. Stems with thorns mimic the real deal.

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    Indoor Plants

    Examples of indoor plants: Fern, grasses, agave, lavender, succulents
    Decorating Idea! Try to include real elements. Often, faux plants are potted with fake dirt, moss, or even sawdust. Cover the potted surface with real dirt, rocks, or moss.

    ​Tip! Compared to other materials, silk botanicals offer a more realistic display—especially if they're in a natural hue. Although they're more expensive, silk flowers and plants are a go-to option for anyone with outdoor allergies.

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    Indoor Trees

    Examples of indoor trees: Topiary, palm, ficus, bamboo, cedar
    Decorating Idea! Typically, an indoor tree comes with a not-so-fancy planter. For a more stylish look, place the tree in a decorative planter. It will instantly change the look and feel of the tree.

    ​Tip! Faux plants will feel more natural with imperfections, such as leaves protruding at varying angles and lengths.  

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    Succulents (a sub-category of indoor plants)

    Examples: Desert plants, rosettes, cacti, spike, jade, aloe vera
    Decorating Idea! Since succulents have such a low profile, it's a good idea to place them on a flat surface where someone can view them from above. Try displaying them on a coffee table, end table, or windowsill.

    Tip! Look for succulents with a matte finish so they don't appear too shiny and unrealistic. 

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