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by Joy Uyeno

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  • Photo: Joy Uyeno
  • Confession time: I am actually thrilled about having a cubicle. For years, I worked on my couch, my bed, or at coffee shops, as a freelancer. So it seemed like a gift to be given a quiet little spot to call my own when I began my current job.
    But, of course, it was all gray and halogen lighting in there, and with no natural light I desperately needed to find a way to brighten things up. Cheerful fabric, softer lighting, framed artwork, some natural accessories, and a big mirror have done wonders for turning this space into a cozy little haven. Here's how it evolved:
  • Photo: Joy Uyeno
  • Cover those sad cubicle panels with "wallpaper."

    My cubicle was dark and void of personality when I moved in, so I immediately went out to purchase three yards of fabric. I used a heavier, upholstery weight fabric because I wanted to be able to pin things to it without having it lose its shape.
    To attach the fabric to the panels, begin pinning (with sewing pins) from the middle, moving outward. Fold the edges over and pin in place. If you're picky about edges, use a cotton ribbon to finish them off.
  • If your office has walls, instead of cubicle panels, try using temporary wallpaper or wall decals to infuse color and life into your space!

  • Photo: Joy Uyeno
  • Bring in your personality in with artwork.

    Since a large part of my job involves creativity, it was important to me to have some artwork hanging on the walls for inspiration. It was the perfect opportunity to use the calendar I'd been saving from the previous year. The Timeless Frames Metal Matted Photo Frames were perfect—simple, classic, and just the right size. I'm happy every time I look up from my computer screen at them!
  • Photo: Joy Uyeno
    Brighten up the space.

    Ironically, in my quest to create a feeling of natural light in my space, I had to request that the light above my desk be removed. The harsh halogen light was giving me headaches and casting a cold light.
    Instead, I brought in an inexpensive lamp and the Hokku Designs Newbury Wall Mirror, both of which help to create light and space in my teensy cubicle. The mirror has also become a handy spot for me (and my co-workers) to do makeup touch-ups and teeth checks before meetings. After all, what's worse than finding out about the nori between your teeth after the fact?  I love dual-purpose décor. 

  • Photo: Joy Uyeno
  • Introduce natural elements.

    Since I can't see outside when I'm sitting at my desk, I wanted to bring in a few things that reminded me of the outdoors. I've always had a sheepskin in my home, so I draped one over my chair to instantly up the cozy factor of the space. The Woodland Imports Rectangular Serving Tray is somewhat rustic, with lovely leather and metal accents—and it organizes all of the things I use daily. The tray felt like the necklace that pulled the look of my office together.
    Now that my little sanctuary is set up, I really enjoy spending time working in there. It feels like I took bits of my home and brought them to work with me. Now, if only I could figure out a way to fit in an espresso machine and convince everyone that my puppy should come to work with me, it would really feel like home! In the meantime, I'll be continuing to add little bits of glamour and sunshine to my workspace.  
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