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From start to finish, Le Creuset is the ingredient that brings every meal together. In kitchens around the world, Le Creuset has been trusted for over 80 years for its legacy of style and quality. Their brilliant colors and user-friendly cookware have created an unforgettable dining experience. Trusted by those who appreciate every flavor’s subtle complexities, Le Creuset invites you to enjoy food and life to the fullest. Since 1925, Le Creuset has designed and manufactured Enameled Cast Iron cookware at their foundry in Fresnoy-Le-Grand, Northern France.

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  • Each piece of Le Creuset cast iron cookware is designed for versatility and ease of use. Read these care guidelines to help you maintain the quality of your cookware over time. 

    General Tips

    1. Always allow a hot pan to cool before washing. 
    2. Never plunge a hot pan into cool water. Thermal shock can result in cracking or loss of enamel. 
    3. If food residue remains from cooking, fill the pan with warm water and allow it to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. 
    4. Never use scrubbers or abrasive cleaners on the cooking surface or the enamel coating. Nylon or soft scrubbing pads can be used to scrub away food particles. 
    5. Le Creuset cookware cleaner can be used to remove light stains or metal marks from metal tools. 
    6. Never store cast iron pans when they are still damp. 
    7. Maintain the tightness of all handles and knobs by checking regularly and tightening as needed. 
    8. Enameled cast iron is extremely durable however damage can occur if it is dropped accidentally or knocked against a hard surface. Please note this is not covered by our Lifetime Warranty. 
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    Dishwasher Use

    All pans with integral cast iron, phelonic handles or stainless steel knobs may be washed in the dishwasher. Note that constant dishwashing can lear to some dulling of the enamel color and finish. This will not affect the performance of your pan. Always allow your dishwasher to completely finish the cleaning cycle to ensure your pan is dry before you put it away. 

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