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by Jessica Bruno

Jessica is the voice behind the popular blog, Four Generations One Roof. They are a crew of four generations all living together under one roof; and Jessica happens to be the ring leader of their blog where she shares their insane living arrangement, daily family chaos, DIY home renovations, project tutorials, room makeovers, and whatever else goes on in their Massachusetts home.

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  • Photo: Jessica Bruno
  • The warmer weather is finally here to stay and creating an outdoor space that's cozy, chic, and welcoming is always first on our list of things to do. Some of you may know that we are four generations living together under one roof, so creating multiple spaces under one roof is the key to our successful living arrangement. This year our covered porch is sporting a colorful and playful theme featuring pinks, greens, and orange.
  • Photo: Jessica Bruno
  • Can I just tell you, sassy "sweetie pie" bird throw pillow is my favorite part of this space. My mother said, "oh that bird looks sassy!" I wanted to bring out the deep pink color in the bird pillow so when I came across this pink dot pillow, I looked no further. It was perfect!
  • Photo: Jessica Bruno
  • A summer outdoor space isn't complete without a planter or two filled with blooming flowers. This square slat planter was so easy to put together and looks great in between our two wicker chairs.

    Last year, I decided to add these outdoor drapes, and they are amazing! They're sheer so they dry quickly, and they a cozy element to the space. I ended up making the outdoor curtain rod last year out of galvanized pipe in an effort to stay within my budget.
  • Photo: Jessica Bruno
  • You don't need to break the bank when decorating any space, focus on one or two key elements (for example, pillows or rug) and work around that. It's been a pleasure sharing our colorful makeover with you, and hopefully you're inspired to create your own outdoor space.
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