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by Kate Smith

A childhood love of color turned into a college-age fascination with the interaction of colors, then into a career of color trend forecasting and product development. Today, Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH, is president and chief color maven at Sensational Color, a company that provides color knowledge and know-how to corporations primarily in the home industry. Kate is an inspirational keynote speaker and seminar leader, blending color theory and psychology into entertaining and informative talks that bring color to life.

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  • Photo: Sensational Color
  • Introducing light and texture into a room can be one of the greatest design challenges. This is where mirrors and metals can become your home's best friends. Kiki Redhead, author of Color Revolution 2014-2015 Trends Report says, "The majestic appeal to metal and mirror shines on in gold, copper, and silver. The reflective surface allows us to see the truth of what's all around us. Combining these together on fashion or furniture adds luxury to her majesty's lifestyle."
    Here are some beautiful on-trend ways to incorporate these elements seamlessly into your spaces.
  • As a focal point, a grand mirror can reflect light around the space, bring something on the outside in, or become the artwork. In a bedroom or living room, a bold mirror really does a beautiful job.
  • Photo: HGTV
  • A typical dining space literally doubles in size when a mirror is hung in the room. Visually expanding the limits of the walls, a mirror has the power to open up the boundaries of a space and create a brighter, lighter room.
  • Combining reflective mirrors with light-bouncing metallic can become the ultimate in glamour and ambience. Notice the use of mirror placement to immediately draw you in to the seat in the next room, beckoning you to enter (above left). Placement can be just as important an element as the mirror itself. Imagine coming home to this in your hallway?

    Gold leaf furniture is also a fantastic way to incorporate metallic luxury and light into a space. This table (above middle) brings an otherwise traditional room into the now with its funky base. Modern elegance at its finest!

    Nothing says regal quite like gold or silver. The use of several metallic finishes keeps this whimsical living room bold and on trend (above right). Silver metal chairs are a perfect complement to the many gold elements in the space. This room has light reflecting all over it and keeps they eyes happy with its bold color choices.
  • Photo: Decoist
  • Bronze and copper are often underused, yet gorgeous metals that are seeing a trend revival this year.  A stunning copper wall speaks volumes in this living room (above).

    "Quality is reflected on the outside with the use of metal and metallic, alluding to the product inside, and appealing to those with an eye for the refined." says Kiki. As a color maven myself, I absolutely agree. If you want to share the best elements of your space and your style choose beautiful golds, silvers, or coppers and mix them with light and mirrors. Create spaces that reflect both the beauty of your home and the beauty you and your family possess within.

    To learn more about Color Revolution Trends of 2014-2015 and become inspired, please visit Sensational Color.
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