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by Rhoda Vickers

From Atlanta, Georgia, Rhoda Vickers loves decorating and DIY projects. Decorating a home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and Rhoda has spent years thrifting at antiques markets and yards ales, finding those treasures that make a home unique. She wishes to inspire and encourage other women to find their own inner creativity when it comes to making a house a home, sweet home.

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  • Photo Credit: Rhoda Vickers
  • Hi there, readers! It's Rhoda again from Southern Hospitality -- I last posted on the Holiday Tablescape Challenge!

    I've just moved into a new home. It's always exciting to move and this fixer upper is feeling more and more like home, sweet home every single day. It was a 6 month journey to get here and I was so happy to be in my house just in time for the holidays.

    I thought it would be fun to share the before and after pics of a few of my rooms. Every room has seen quite the transformation and getting my own things in there has been so much fun.
  • Photo Credit: Rhoda Vickers
  • Left: Dining Room Before. Not Much to look at -- it neededa  lot of help. Right: The after is pretty amazing, don't you think? Entertaining in my new dining room is going to be tops on my list. I can definitely see some cozy dinners in my future. 
  • Photo Credit: Rhoda Vickers
  • Left: You won't believe teh chagnes in the living room as well. Bye-bye ugly carpet. Right: Hello Beautiful room. My living room has seen quite the transformation as well and I so enjoyed my new nest during the holidays. 
  • Photo Credit: Rhoda Vickers
  • And my office space got a major facelift as well. It's hard to believe this is the same room. But it is!

    Having an office space to spread out and be organized is so rewarding. I'll be spending a lot of time in this room, so getting it in tip-top organizing mode is also on top of my list. It doesn't hurt that it's pretty to look at, too. I believe in surrounding myself with beauty, don't you?

    I'd love for you to stop by and take a peek at my new house in the making. It's been over 6 months of hard work, but the rewards are worth it.

    There is no place like home!

    - Rhoda
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