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  • Believe it or not, just about everything in design has a trendy side—even Christmas trees! I wanted to see what was chic in trees this year, especially when it comes to playing it up with fun, elegant, and lively colors. 
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  • Even as we're still recovering from the recession, trend forecasters are calling for both elegance and luxury to bloom on trees this year. Lots of glimmering gold, rich wine red, and deep sparkly silver will remind us of the fanfare of the holiday season. Covering every nook and cranny in Christmas grandeur creates a warm environment.
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  • For those of us still cutting costs, while looking for beauty in the season, trendsetters are calling for using seasonal décor mixed with existing home design. Simpler hearths, handmade ornaments, and trees with homemade touches will be filling up budget-conscious (and super crafty) holiday homes.
  • Fun and funky trees are becoming more popular this year. While bucking tradition, these new trees are made from synthetic materials, often in hot colors like fuchsia or electric green. Here's a nod to mod take on tradition with a tree that seems to drip in snowy white icicles.
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  • Color schemes are a great way to stay on-trend with your tree yet, still get creative. Plums and oranges are very hot colors right now. Infusing your tree with these hues will add vibrancy to your holiday.

    However you bring trend to your tree the best way to infuse your décor is with family and fun. Design elements that express who you are, including your style and traditions, will create memories at home for years to come.

    ​Happy Holidays!
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