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by Kate Van Geldern

Kate is the voice behind DomestiKatedLife, a lifestyle blog, where she writes about entertaining, recipes, decorating ideas, and DIY projects. When Kate is not busy photographing her next domestic endeavor, she is working in social media and living with her husband in the city of Boston.

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  • Hi there! It's Kate from DomestiKatedLife here, and I can't believe it, but we're just a few short weeks away from Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays because it focuses around two of my favorite things: family and eating! I love going home for the holidays and helping my Mom and Grandmother get the meal cooked and the table prepped for a huge feast -- and along the way I've picked up a few tips from them for hosting a holiday dinner to remember!

    Everything will go smoother the day of if you're prepared in advance. A trick that I've learned from my Mom is to lay out all of your serving pieces the night before so you know that you have a spot for every dish. I think it's a great idea to map out which foods will be served in which dish and pop a little sticky note inside each one as a reminder -- when you need to tell a kitchen helper to plate the potatoes they'll know just which piece to use!
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    One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving from when I was growing up was how my Grandmother set the kids table, she made it feel as special as the grown-up table with a white linen tablecloth and vintage purple glass goblets for us to enjoy our root beer in! Glassware doesn't have to be delicate crystal to make your holiday table look special, there are lots of fun colored glass options you can use to bring interest to the table without having to worry about spending a fortune.

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    My family also serves our Thanksgiving feast buffet style from the kitchen, which leaves room for decorations on the table! There are tons of inexpensive ways that you can elevate your Thanksgiving table look with items from nature. Fill tall hurricane vases with items from the back yard like pinecones and acorns, or from the grocery store aisle like apples or cranberries. If you're feeling extra crafty, spray paint different sized pumpkins in a metallic gold and place them in a winding pattern down the table with some candles mixed in for a more glamorous look!

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    What are your family secrets for hosting a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner? Share with us in the comments!

     - Kate

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