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by Kate Smith

A childhood love of color turned into a college-age fascination with the interaction of colors, then into a career of color trend forecasting and product development. Today, Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH, is president and chief color maven at Sensational Color, a company that provides color knowledge and know-how to corporations primarily in the home industry. Kate is an inspirational keynote speaker and seminar leader, blending color theory and psychology into entertaining and informative talks that bring color to life.

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  • christmas trends
    Photo: Sensational Color
  • While tradition is everywhere for the season, what's one to do when she wants to shake things up from the same old reds and greens? A more on-trend Christmas can still nod to tradition just by using slightly edgier colors and textures.
  • This year's must have colors are more modern and fresh, according to Trend Curve's visit to Christmasworld, an annual trade fair held in Frankfurt, Germany. The "it colors"—turquoise, ice-blue, pistachio, or Caspian green—will look beautiful when combined with traditional silver, glitter, and frosted white exteriors, says the Trend Staff at Trend Curve.
  • This year purples and berry colors are bolder than ever. Just as rich and elegant as traditional Christmas reds, yet more modern. Against silver, gold, or any other metallic color, jewel tones pop. Try using them on a beautiful and chic holiday table.
  • Photo: Elle Decor
  • Nature always has a strong influence during the holiday season, stemming from the traditional Christmas tree that decorates most homes. This year there's an emphasis on earth tones with a hint of industrial designs and metallic. Birch, burlap, woods, and natural textures are all being infused into holiday designs. Economical, earth-friendly, and often homemade, try using organic materials in your holiday designs.
  • Photos: Trendy Tree / HGTV
  • Still looking to glitz things up a bit further? This season glamour and elegance are very much en vogue. Dazzling gold, shimmering silver, wintery whites, and glittery glam will always be on trend for Christmas. Stick to one color theme and punch it up with metallic. Here gold or white really make these trees look stunning, but not overdone.

    However you choose to take this holiday season to the next level, be sure and infuse lots of personal touches. Nothing makes the holidays warmer than lots of love, good cheer, and of course, great color. 
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