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by Cassity Kmetzsch

Cassity Kmetzsch, an interior designer with a love of remodeling, shares tons of decorating ideas and problem-solving tips on her popular blog, Remodelaholic. A Remodelaholic through and through, both Cassity and her husband Justin have remodeled four homes together. One of the things that she loves the most? Reinventing and recycling pieces or building leftovers that she already has on hand. Cassity has two young daughters that she hopes to teach her remodeling ways just as soon as they are able to!

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  • If you've made a goal to eat healthier this year, you're in good company—with me and about every other person in the nation! Try some of these yummy recipes to help keep you on track and add some variety to your healthy food repertoire:
  • Begin with a Good Breakfast

    Easy Banana Crepes: These crepes are quick and easy, delicious on their own or topped with fresh fruit. And kids love them!

    Healthy Breakfast Burritos: Make these burritos ahead of time and freeze them for a quick and easy on-the-go breakfast without sacrificing your eating goals. 

    Caramel Apple Oatmeal: Prep this oatmeal the night before for a delicious and protein-packed breakfast to help keep you from munching too many snacky calories throughout the morning. 

    Healthy Breakfast Pizza: Topped with your favorite fresh fruit, this breakfast pizza is a great way to start your morning!
  • Snack Healthy

    Pomegranate Yogurt Bites Granola Bars: These yummy granola bars only take about 15 minutes to make—just make sure you make enough to share!

    Easy Peasy Hummus: Homemade hummus is so delicious and so easy. Great as a dip or on a sandwich or wrap.

    Roasted Garbanzo Beans: If you crave crunch, try roasted garbanzos instead of your normal chips. They're packed with protein! 

    Ham and Cheese Apple Wraps: Perfect for kiddos and adults alike, these simple snack wraps help curb that afternoon snack temptation.  
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  • Get Your Greens

    Hidden Veggie Mac and Cheese: If your kids turn up their nose at vegetables, sneak it by them by adding a little squash to their favorite meal. Just as delicious and even healthier!

    Cabbage Tuna Salad Wrap: Lean tuna and nutrient-packed cabbage make this quick lunch a healthy choice. 

    Cajun Kale Chips: Crunch your way to five veggies a day with these seasoned kale chips. 

    Sweet Corn and Zucchini Ratatouille: This meatless meal packs in plenty of greens and flavor. 
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  • Serve Healthy and Delicious Dinners

    Easy Baked Fish: A quick and easy way to enjoy healthy, delicious fish for dinner. 

    Spaghetti with Sauteed Chicken and Grape Tomatoes: Sauces can be packed with sugar and calories, so this simple pasta meal skips the sauce in favor of lean chicken and sauteed tomatoes. 

    Easy Lemon Chicken: Just five ingredients make for an easy dinner. Serve over brown rice to add a good grain.
    Hearty Quinoa Minestrone: Nothing beats a warm hearty soup on a cold day. Quinoa and plenty of veggies help make this minestrone a healthy choice.
  • healthy recipes
  • Treat Yourself—Without the Sugar

    Sugar-Free Pumpkin Steamers: I love a yummy warm drink in the winter, so to indulge without breaking my goals, I adapted this recipe to be sugar-free! 

    Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies: Enjoy this fudgy chocolaty treat packed with nutrients.

    Oatmeal Apple Raisin Cookies: It's a triple play: whole wheat flour starts us off right, and the oatmeal makes them filling, while the apples and raisins add nutrients and YUM!

    Pear Sorbet in Gingersnap Cups: Take advantage of the naturally sweet pear by making this simple sorbet, perfect for entertaining or just for a frozen treat.
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