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by Maria Lichty

Maria is a recipe developer, writer, food photographer, and one-half of the popular food blog Two Peas and Their Pod. Maria and her husband, Josh, share simple family-friendly recipes, write about travel adventures, and their little pea, Caleb, on Two Peas. Maria is a cookie connoisseur, with close to 200 cookie recipes on their blog. Maria is also the author of the successful e-cookbook, "Cookie Cravings."

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  • peach crostini
    Photo: Maria Lichty
  • Peaches are ripe right now and I can't get enough! I decided to use peaches to create an easy crostini recipe. I made a peach crostini and paired it with a few unexpected and delicious flavors: brie, mint, and honey.

    I opted to grill my baguette slices along with the peaches to add even more flavor. And what better way to keep from sweating over a stove in the summer heat than to utilize your outside grill! 
  • peach crostini
    Photo: Maria Lichty
  • Grilling the peaches brings out their sweet flavor and exaggerates peaches' natural juiciness. Be sure to choose peaches that are free of cuts, dark spots, aren't too firm or too mushy. You want your peach to yield just a bit when pressed gently and it should smell just like a fresh peach.
  • peaches and mint
    Photo: Maria Lichty
  • After grilling my baguette, I cushioned the grilled peach slices with a smear of yummy brie. Brie's soft and rich flavor is a perfect complement to crusty bread and delightful grilled peaches. Fresh brie can be very mild and creamy when heated and takes on other flavors easily. To send this crostini over the edge I sprinkled each helping with fresh chopped mint and a drizzle of honey.

    This crostini recipe is a light and flavorful dish that will be great with any summer meal. So fire up your grill, grab some golden peaches from your local farmers' market and enjoy the remainder of your summer!

    Grilled Peach, Brie, and Mint Crostini     

    ​1 baguette, cut into 1/2 inch slices
    2-3 fresh peaches
    Olive oil
    1 wedge of brie cheese (8 ounces)
    1/4 cup fresh mint, chopped
    Honey for drizzling

    Cut your peaches in half, remove the pit, and lightly rub with olive oil. Drizzle olive oil over your sliced baguette pieces, as well.

    Grill the peaches and bread until bread is toasty and peaches are golden brown and just warmed through.

    Once the peaches have been grilled slice them into wedges. Smear each grilled bread slice with brie and top with a peach slice. Sprinkle with mint and drizzle with honey.
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