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by Tan Rutley

Tan Rutley, a teacher/blogger/maker/hugger, is the creator of Squirrelly Minds where she shares DIY creations, recipes, and more to make your life pretty and fun. Her mind never stops thinking, planning, and making (squirrelly mind, get it?) and her projects nearly always leave her covered in glitter or flour. Sometimes both. Tan is an island girl living in Canada's west coast with her husband and overly fluffy kitty Lucy.

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  • Photo: Tan Rutley
  • Classes are winding down and the anticipation of freedom and new beginnings is in the air. It's time for high school and college graduations!

    From between $20 to $200, you can get your graduate a gift to remember their special time or one to help them get ready for their next adventure:

    Journal. I don't know about you, but during and after high school I kept a journal in which I wrote daily. This gift is a great way for your graduate to chronicle their new path in life.

    Jewelry (for him and her). Accessories are a great gift that will remind the graduate of their accomplishments every time they wear it. This watch is sleek and stylish while this sweet bracelet can be engraved with the graduate's initial.

    Wallet. We all know how expensive life is after graduation. Whether you're living the dorm life or trying to land your first real job, unexpected expenses are inevitable. These wallets for guys and girls are a great way to help your graduate get settled into their new routine and smooth out any bumps.

    Picture frame. Ideal for the high school graduate who will soon be off to college, this frame is a great reminder of how far they've come.

    iPad case. Wanna spoil your graduate or just give them an accessory if they're already outfitted with an iPad? Why not give this trendy (and adorable) mini iPad case to protect (and stylize) their tech. Undoubtedly it'll come to great use in the classroom or in the workforce. 

    Congratulations to all graduates of 2014!
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