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by Reichel Broussard

Reichel Broussard combines her love for home design and deal hunting on her blog Copy Cat Chic. She loves to blog about finding designer looks for your home for less. An avid thrifter, flea market hunter, Craigslist connoisseur, and DIY-attemptist, Reichel is also a wife, a mother, and full-time blogger in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

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  • It's a new year why not create a new look for your home? I wanted recreate this bright, fresh living room on a budget. All of the white in the room is so clean and airy, yet there are just enough warm wood accents to make the room cozy and comfortable. It's a casual space, that's for sure. What's better than that, especially after all of the formality of the holidays?

    Most of the accessories in the space are less than $100. Using a few new accessories is a great cost-effective way to give your existing living room a completely different look. A new throw blanket and pillow, some new candlesticks or vase, and just a color tweak here and there—such a simple way to update a space.
    The most expensive piece in the room is obviously the sofa. But when said sofa is made of vintage leather, it's definitely worth a bit of a splurge. The mix of high and low is a great way to personalize your space and to make it seem less like a showroom and more like a curated space created over time.
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