Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Reichel Broussard

Reichel Broussard combines her love for home design and deal hunting on her blog Copy Cat Chic. She loves to blog about finding designer looks for your home for less. An avid thrifter, flea market hunter, Craigslist connoisseur, and DIY-attemptist, Reichel is also a wife, a mother, and full-time blogger in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

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Top Picks
  • Even though this dining room has a limited color palette, it still catches your eye. Why? Because of all the rich textures and layers in the space. The different woven patterns in the stools, chairs, rug, and accessories are all so different from each other, but still look cohesive in the space because they are all part of the same color family.

    Creamy whites range to warm wicker tones with just a hint of black to create contrast. The natural woven backdrop plays perfectly with the gleam of gold in the lighting fixtures. Overall this room is a study of soft natural weaves, warm colors, and gleaming metallics, which all coming together to create the perfect balance. I had to try and recreate it for you, what do you think of my interpretation?
  • Photo: Copy Cat Chic
  • See the picks I used to recreate this room on the side rail.
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