Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Reichel Broussard

Reichel Broussard combines her love for home design and deal hunting on her blog Copy Cat Chic. She loves to blog about finding designer looks for your home for less. An avid thrifter, flea market hunter, Craigslist connoisseur, and DIY-attemptist, Reichel is also a wife, a mother, and full-time blogger in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

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  • Photo: Lilly Bunn
  • I love a good pattern mix in a room. It's hard to do correctly without making a space feel too busy. This glam and feminine bedroom, from designer Lilly Bunn, manages to combine six different patterns without looking too busy. One reason all of these patterns work so well together is because they have different scales: small to large, linear to random. 
  • Photo: Lilly Bunn
  • Recreate the look of this bedroom with these budget-friendly picks (right).
  • Photo: Copy Cat Chic
  • Need help mixing and matching patterns? (It can be tricky!) Read How to Mix Patterns in Home Decor to get easy tips and tricks from Wayfair.com's editors.

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