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by Chrissy Burgess

Chrissy Burgess is a Decorist designer. Though an architect and city planner by education, Chrissy finds that her heart sings when she decorates. From understanding the client and their needs to drafting design concepts, to the hunt and peck for all items and pulling the look together—she's passionate about every facet of the interior design process. She agrees with designer Charles Eames, who famously said: "The details are not the details. They make the design."

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  • miles redd sitting room
    Photo: Miles Redd
  • Everything about acclaimed decorator Miles Redd screams 'dramatic opulence'. Time and again, his rooms brim with jaw-dropping design details, expertly curated vintage treasures, and stunning, saturated color. Redd designed this sitting room for a friend; we were instantly taken by how wonderfully his "more is more" approach works. Look no further for an example of the wonders of risk-taking! Recreate this look with the Wayfair pieces in the sidebar.
  • Photo: Decorist
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