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by Cristin Bisbee Priest

As a mother of two young children, Cristin understands the desire for a home to be functional, yet beautiful. Blending the two disciplines of home organization and interior design resonated with her and thus Simplified Bee® was born. She believes that surrounding yourself with lovely, organized spaces reduces stress, makes you happier, and inspires healthier living.

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  • My desk drawers can quickly evolve into junk drawers if I don't have a system in place for handling the clutter. But, the good news is that organizing a desk drawer is actually quite easy -- in fact, whether organizing a drawer that holds odds and ends, cosmetics or office supplies, the process is pretty much the same.

    Here are some simple tricks I use to organize a desk drawer:

    1. Purge: First, take all the contents out of the drawer and, item by item, determine whether or not it is worth storing.

    1. Toss if broken or expired (recycle when possible)
    2. Donate items that are not being used
    3. Take the opportunity to clean the drawer and line it with fresh paper if applicable
  • 2. Group: The next step is to arrange items into similar groups based on function and size. When you come across items that don't belong in the drawer, set aside in a separate group that will need to be returned to the correct place.

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    3. Contain: The containers or dividers used and how they are arranged is where the "styling" comes in. There so many organizing tray and divider options for drawers. Before you purchase any drawer dividers, measure the drawer (width and height) to know what will fit. Also, keep in mind the sizes and quantities of the items you want to store to ensure you purchase the best option.

    Styling tip: For an uncluttered look, select a drawer liner in a neutral color and with a simple pattern.

    Organizing your desk drawer doesn't have to be expensive. Use everyday items you may already have such as baskets, ice trays, and shoe box lids in drawers to help keep items contained.

    For long narrow drawers, like this one to the left, a trio of cookie sheets keeps supplies organized.

  • Muffin pans provide the perfect size compartment for smaller items such as stamps, paper clips, and loose change.

    4. Arrange: Next arrange each grouping of items keeping in mind that the idea is to be able to locate items easily. Labeling the compartments may make sense in some cases.

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    Put your china to good use every day! Decorative bowls, plates, and tea cups make this jewelry drawer colorful and functional. They would also be lovely for a desk drawer housing paper clips, push pins, and other supplies.

    Styling tip: If using different style containers and dividers, unify the look by having all the containers in the same color.

    Keeping your newly organized drawer beautiful will take some maintenance. If you use the drawer often, keep an eye on items that are misplaced and edit routinely. If used infrequently, add it to your quarterly or bi-annual cleaning schedule so that it doesn't get overlooked.

  • Do you have any fun styling tips for organizing drawers?

    Happy organizing!

    - Cristin
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