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  • holiday guest prepping tips
  • Just in time for company, spruce up your home—from the guest room to the bathrooms—with these helpful tips and tricks. Find our ultimate guide to hosting family and friends this holiday season below!
  • holiday season guest updates
    Holiday Season Guest Room Updates

    'Tis the season to get the guest room ready for overnight guests, so here are seven of our favorite tips for making a guest room guest-ready for the holidays…

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  • prepping for a hoilday guest room

    Prepping for a Holiday Guest Room

    Create a cozy space that's both welcoming and full of festive personality with our editors' helpful decorating tips and ideas.

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  • inviting guest bedroom

    16 Must Haves for an Inviting Guest Room

    From bedding and pillows, to closet essentials and decor, we've got everything you need to outfit a guest room your friends and family with love...

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  • clean a messy house

    Best Tips for Cleaning a Messy House

    Company coming? Learn how to clean your house most efficiently and what rooms you should focus on. Our editors dish on their easy and time-saving tips for making a messy house feel neat and tidy in no time at all...

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  • how to make a cuddly bed
    How to Make a Cuddly Bed

    Tips for a snuggle-worthy bed just in time for winter hibernation.

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  • holiday guest prep

    Holiday Guest Prep Tips and Tricks

    Don't let the stress of hosting take the joy out of the holidays for you! Break up cleaning and organization tasks so they're manageable. We split guest prep into three phases of prep: months before, weeks before, and days (or hours!) before...

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  • top 10 down comforters

    Top 10 Down Comforters

    Get ready for winter weather with our top 10 down comforters.

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  • bathroom under $100

    Update Your Bathroom Under $100

    Give your bathroom an easy, budget-friendly makeover with pretty accessories, smart storage, and new hardware. See our top 10 must-have bathroom accessories...

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  • dresser top decorating

    5 Tips for Decorating a Dresser Top

    Even if the drawers are full of neatly folded clothes, it seems like dresser tops are too often cascading with clutter or completely bare. Get inspired with these ideas that can also be used to style an entryway table, console table, or even a mantel!

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  • over the bed decorating

    5 Ideas for Decorating Over the Bed

    From wall art to decorative plates, try these ideas and add color and personality to the space above your bed..

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