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by Melissa DiRenzo

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  • Photo: Melissa DiRenzo
  • ​If there's a heaven, I picture it being one big flea market. Yes, I'm definitely a flea market junkie!

    Some people get a little intimidated by flea markets, which is understandable. There's so much stuff—both trash and treasures—that it can be sensory overload. You see neat stuff, but you have no idea how to work it into your space. I'm going to show you three centerpieces I pulled together with some flea market (or thrifted) finds I've collected over time.

    The pro is that you will have a totally unique centerpiece, guaranteed. The con is that it does take a bit of an eye to spot items that work together when you're shopping in a sea of treasures. Hopefully seeing these examples and tips will help develop that eye and style.
  • Photo: Melissa DiRenzo
  • Vintage Bottles

    You will find an endless amount of vintage bottles at flea markets. They can range in price, but you definitely don't need to spend a lot of cash. Get in hunt mode and dig through back corners and boxes hidden under tables to find those bottles that are just a few dollars each.

    Make sure to get a variety of shapes, colors, and heights for best results. They make natural vases, so fill them each with a colorfuly variety of your favorite stems. Then put them all together and you'll have one big and beautiful centerpiece. You can use these bottles no matter what time of the year, just fill them with seasonal flowers for different looks. Imagine these full of red flowers for the holidays!
  • If you're using flowers in a variety of colors, opt for bottles in one to three hues. On the table above, I used clear and blue bottles. If you prefer white flowers, use a rainbow of bottles for color.

  • Photo: Melissa DiRenzo
  • Mason Jars + Milk Bottle Carrier

    This one is pretty simple. I found this great old milk bottle carrier, which makes for a natural centerpiece. If you happen to come across milk bottles in your flea market search that would be a bonus, but vintage mason jars work, too. Fill the bottles with a variety of colored florals for a country rustic look.​
  • Vintage produce boxes, antique lunch boxes, and rustic crates also create adorable centerpieces when potted with greenery or flowers.

  • Photo: Melissa DiRenzo
  • Candlesticks + Mason Jars + Copper Vases

    This one is a bit trickier because there are so many elements. This centerpiece is definitely for when you're feeling confident in your picking and curating skills; it mixes different sizes, textures, colors, and materials. The key is to find the common elements that tie them together—the glass, the metallic, and have a few of each. Because there are so many different elements going on here, stick to simple flowers. In this case, it was all about greens. The use of only one color or flower brings the whole arrangement together. (Shhh...those succulents are faux!)
  • This centerpiece works because the candlesticks and bowls have metallic finishes. Glass jars and candlesticks don't take up a lot of visual weight, so they allow the arrangement to breathe. Height is added with the taller greens in the jars.

  • ​As you can see, there are lots of options on how to turn your flea market finds into unique centerpieces. It's really about understanding grouping and balancing different characteristics. Give it a try and remember it's hard for something not to look beautiful when it's filled with fresh flowers.
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