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by Susan Serra

Susan Serra CKD, CAPS, is president of Susan Serra Associates, Inc., the kitchen design firm she has owned and operated for over 20 years and business entity for her lifestyle brands, Scandinavian Made www.scandinavianmade.com and Bornholm Kitchen (www.bornholmkitchen.com.) An expert on kitchen design, with countless projects published in national media over the years, Susan is a speaker, a go-to source for the media on kitchen design issues, and a consultant to brands in the kitchen industry. She attends as many design shows in the US and abroad as she can during the year with eyes wide open. Susan thinks about kitchens…a lot!

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  • Photo Credit: Susan Serra
  • The kitchen sink, that otherwise simply shaped vessel that sits in the countertop in every kitchen no matter how small or large, conceals an encyclopedic number of functions in our everyday lives. When it's time to think about replacing the kitchen sink, it's important to remember all those little ways the sink makes your family's life in the kitchen efficient OR inefficient!
  • Photo Credit: Susan Serra
  • There are so many ways that the kitchen sink serves as your family's loyal workhorse. If it's time for a replacement, whether part of an entire kitchen remodel or not, take time to write down all the ways your sink serves your unique needs. How do you use your sink? Count the ways! Here are some obvious and not so obvious uses for the sink. (Add your own secret uses to the list and share with us in your reply.)
  • Photo Credit: Susan Serra
  • Obvious Sink Uses:

    1. Clean dishes
    2. Clean pots
    3. Strainer use
  • Photo Credit: Susan Serra
  • Not So Obvious Sink Uses:

    1. Clean glasses
    2. Clean fine glassware and silverware
    3. Space for platters
    4. Space for large pots or saute pans
    5. Flower cutting/arranging
    6. Watering plants/herbs
    7. Defrosting foods
    8. Fruit/vegetable/meat prep
    9. Cutting board use
    10. Use as a storage bin to quickly conceal items while entertaining
    11. Baby bath
    12. Beverage chilling station
    13. Wash a small dog
    14. Rejuvenate wilted greens
  • Photo Credit: Susan Serra
  • Your personal list of sink tasks will help you decide if a single or double bowl sink is best for your lifestyle. As a kitchen designer, I can report that many of my clients are interested in a large single bowl sink which offers space flexibility for different sink functions. A smaller second bowl may look useful, but it's good planning to have a clear purpose for its use, otherwise it will be a wasteful feature. Depending on your needs, double sinks (sinks that have two equal bowls) can either be the perfect solution for how you work, or leave you with two bowls neither of which are large enough to perform basic tasks such as placing a large sauté pan bottom down in the sink.
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  • Aesthetically, sinks add an important design element to the kitchen. Kitchen sinks in brushed stainless, copper, traditional cast iron in a modern color or a functional acrylic or fireclay sink, or even stone, will nudge your kitchen design in a particular style direction.
  • Photo Credit: Susan Serra
  • Today's sinks offer a wide variety of shapes, bowl configurations and come with useful (and cool) accessories. A different sink configuration can allow you to do a familiar task in a new, more convenient way. AND, you can have it all -- beautiful looks and super function! For me, with a big garden, my sink is a well used flower arranging station. I'd love to know the secret ways you use your sink!

    - Susan
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