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by Katie Rosenfeld

Katie was born and raised in Tampa Florida, where her large family still resides. She graduated from Boston College with degrees in Philosophy and Art History. Eventually, she realized her passion for art and design, developing and growing a residential art consulting service which grew into a full service interior design business. She believes your home should be a true reflection of you, and her goal is to help her clients and readers achieve a beautiful and personal space.

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  • True story: the first time I ever heard of Wayfair (then CSN) I Googled Herman Miller desk chair and many sites came up. I researched, and the best price, best options, and best shipping was offered by a site I had never heard of at the time (4 yrs ago) called CSN. I clicked "purchase," and the rest is history.

    I thought it would be apt for me to start blogging for Wayfair at the place where it all began -- the desk chair. A high-quality ergonomic desk chair, for me, is a non-negotiable. To feel good is to be good.
  • For the moment, forget about looks, though I know it's hard... 

    These chairs work harder than you do! They have serious ergonomic and lumbar options that allow you to position yourself so you are always comfortable and placing as little stress on your back, shoulders, and neck as possible. And the casters allow you to swivel around anywhere you need to be. But please don't use the chair as in-home transportation!

    These chairs may seem expensive at first glance. But if you search brands like Miller and Steelcase there are always options in different price ranges. As long as you stick with a quality brand, you know you will get a performance chair. One thing is certain: Buy a high-quality ergonomic chair, and you should have it for life.
  • Photo Credit: Katie Rosenfeld
  • I am the proud parent of two Millers: Big sister Herman and little sister Mirra. Aren't they sweet?

    So maybe this ergonomic look is truly not for you. That's OK.
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  • Depending on the room and your usage, a dining chair or even a wing chair can look fabulous behind a desk, and be comfortable, as well.

    I am a huge fan of the wingback style in offices; it lends a stately presence, and a modernized one can look completely on-trend.

    The trick with this is that the arms must be proportioned to fit up to the desk without creating a gap between you and your work, so when looking at these, make sure to measure the depth of the seat and height of the arms to be able to pull it up to your desired spot.

    Another easy and effective option is a simple side chair you would use for a kitchen or dining table. A Chinese Chippendale style, with all that fretwork is always a stunner, as are Louis Style chairs -- really any dining chair (no arms is easier) that you like can be a viable desk chair option.

    Let utility guide you in the direction of the chair for you. Sitting for hours on end? Think ergonomic. Use the desk as a command center for the family once or twice a day?  Perhaps a dining side chair. Is the office more of a library that gets seen more than it gets used?  Try an upholstered wing chair.

    The good news is: In design, there are no real rules. You have the freedom to choose what fits your lifestyle best and go for it!

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