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  • Decorating with ghosts, spiders, and skeletons doesn't have to be scary! Here are a few fun ideas on how to use these quintessential Halloween symbols in your family-friendly party decor. It's all about the details; and they don't have to break the bank. Use what you already have around the house and add a few not-too-spooky touches to create kid-approved Halloween decor.
  • This is a great way to spookify an existing mirror. How fun to have a friendly ghost overseeing your Halloween buffet or dining table?
  • Creating these adorable cheesecloth ghosts is an easy way to make a fun Halloween vignette. They make perfect companions to a few mini pumpkins or some fall leaves and a rustic lantern. 
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    Photo: Noble Pig
  • The perfect accessory for your Halloween drinks is a creepy, crawly ice cube. Kids will find these ice cubes with spiders squirming out of their beverages hilarious and kind of gross. What a perfect "trick."
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  • Now for the "treat!" Halloween themed cookies will be a huge hit at any themed get-together, not just with with the little spooks.
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    Photos: Pottery Barn
  • A collection of mini skulls, bones, spiders, or even mini pumpkins in a fun shaped vase or jar is a great way to add some Halloween ambiance to your party--especially when paired with some dark and rustic candles.
  • Fun painted pumpkins are an easy way to bring some personality to your Halloween party. They're simple to DIY. But if you're not that handy with a paint brush, you can also by them already painted!
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    Photo: Copy Cat Chic
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