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by Amy Christie

Amy Christie is the maker of the blog This Heart of Mine, a place where all the things she makes and all the things she loves come together. Her site is filled with doable DIYs, delicious recipes, and stories and photos from the real life of a wife and mother of two exuberant children. Amy currently resides in the Twin Cities in Minnesota with her family.

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  • fall cleaning
    Photos: Amy Christie
  • Seems like just yesterday we were sweating it out in the last few days of summer heat but now the coolness of fall is here, and it is wonderful. Fall is my most favorite time of the year...for the weather, the colors, and the comfort foods. I also love fall because it's time again to prep the house for winter, when we spend most of our time indoors. Where I live, winter can get very cold and snowy, so these fall preparations can be likened to what bears do before hibernating. (Because, to be honest, once the snow hits, we probably won't see much of our neighbors until spring.)

    With the fall season upon us and the next one on its way, here's a list of ways to get your home ready.
  • clothes cleaning
    Photo: Amy Christie
  • 1. Swap out clothing. Clean and store summer clothes and shoes that can be used the next year and either donate out-grown items or store them elsewhere. Bring out the warmer wear and shoes, checking the fit for either donation, storage, or usage. Clean all of the clothing, including outerwear like coats, hats, and mittens.

    2. Vacuum every nook and cranny. Curtains, furniture and its cushions, behind the dryer, under the beds, in the back corner of the storage room, light fixtures, the backside of the refrigerator, all the edges of the carpet by baseboards and door jams, the edge where the ceiling meets the wall. Get rid of all the dirt, dust, cobwebs, and crumbs.
  • fridge cleaning
    Photo: Amy Christie
  • 3. Go through the pantry and refrigerator. Get rid of expired and long unused products. Use the vacuum and cleaning products to remove crumbs and spilled foods. I like to go through all my cupboards and wipe them down so everything is clean.

    4. Clean the windows, the window sills, and wells. Fix torn screens. Then, make sure they are properly sealed to protect against seeping air. Check exterior doors, too. Use weather stripping if needed.

    5. Wash all the bedding, including comforters, mattress pads, and dust ruffles. If you're up for it, rotate the mattress. (Hibernating bears love a clean bed.)

    6. Make sure the chimney is clear. Have your chimney, flue, and vents checked by a professional and cleaned if necessary. Use the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean the registers and intake vents.

    7. Do some touch-up painting. If they are to be looked at all the cold season long, the walls, baseboards, trim, doors, and cupboards better look good.
  • clean outdoor furniture
    Photo: Amy Christie
  • 8. Tidy up the outdoors. Clean and put away outdoor furniture and toys. If needed, cover the air conditioning unit.

    9. Reorganize and sweep out garage stalls. Move out the unnecessary to make room for the items that need to be stored. The dust of summer becomes mud when mixed with the slush of winter.
    10. Make way for snow and ice. Clean out gutters and adjust down spouts correctly; making sure they are cleared could help prevent ice dams.

    Happy fall!
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