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Top 10 Vases

Pick up one of these editor-approved vases to hold your favorite blooms.

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    A statement piece for sure, this Jonathan Adler vase would be just right on an entryway console table.

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    This classic blue and white floral design will add just a touch of traditional style to any room.

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    Contrast the delicate softness of flowers with a sleek industrial-style tube vase.

  • ACHLA $32.45 (prices vary)
    One of our editors' favorite vases, this one is a steal at just under $30. The size, bold hue, and texture make it a must-have. 

  • IMAX $45.99 (prices vary)
    Customers love this cute set. Use them all to create a low centerpiece on a dining table, or split them up throughout your home. 

  • In the blink of an eye, arrange an alluring centerpiece to decorate the top of your dining table. 
    Check out these 20 budget-friendly finds, from end tables and curtains to wall art and vases.

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