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Top 10 Storage Ottomans Under $250

Browse our favorite ottomans with both style and function.

  • Safavieh $199.99
    From the exotic arched base to the thick row of nail head trim, this linen-covered ottoman is a statement-making piece.

  • Sandy Wilson $174.99
    This elegant blue ottoman features studded detailing—​complete with a lift-off, hinged lid.

  • Handy Living $183.99
    A storage ottoman with a secret! Flip the upholstered top to find a built-in tray to serve as a cocktail table.

  • Skyline Furniture From $249.99
    Stash decorative pillows inside this storage ottoman at the end of the bed. This pattern is available in four bold colors!  

  • We share easy ways to use colorful pillows when your home needs a touch of brightness.
    Create a clutter-free zone with our five easy-to-follow tips!

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