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Top 10 Sofas

From family-friendly to apartment-sized and everything in between, our editors pick their favorite sofas.

  • Benchcraft $569.99
    This streamlined sofa comes in birch (far left) and chocolate (left) with two accent pillows for a complete look.

  • Rowe Furniture From $1,879.50 (prices vary)
    In a home with kids and pets, a slipcovered sofa can be a lifesaver. This sleeper sofa has a removable and washable cover for easy care.

  • Serta at Home $364.99
    At 72 inches long, this budget-friendly sofa is perfectly sized for a small space or apartment (66 to 74 inches long is ideal for apartments). 

  • Wildon Home ® $590.99
    Velvet upholstery, tufting,
    and high arms make this sofa a luxurious addition to any room.
    ​Plus it comes in versatile colors.

  • Armen Living $1,249.99 (prices vary)
    With its timeless style, a leather Chesterfield sofa is a worthwhile investment piece.

  • These grand-scale sofas can fit the whole family! Our editors pick the best.
    A sofa bed lets you turn any room into a guest room. Our editors' top picks are anything but a snooze.

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