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Top 10 Shower Heads

For the best shower experience, take a peek at our must-have picks.

  • Premier Faucet $48.95
    At a budget-friendly price, consider this modern option featuring 60 easy-to-clean jets for a relaxing rain pattern water flow. 

  • Kohler From $114.95 (prices vary)
    A shower head with a wireless speaker? Yes, please! It delivers up to seven hours of music and news.  

  • Kohler From $73.73
    This wall-mount shower head features three spray settings and comes in seven modern finishes. 

  • Speakman From $148.85 (prices vary)
    With stellar customer reviews, this bestseller has eight jets and 64 spray channels. It's also available in five finishes.  

  • Windsor Direct $45.99
    This three-way multi-head shower system includes a swivel and hand held shower head. Plus, it's easy to install!   

  • Read through our information on shower head features and styles to find the right one for your bathroom.
    We've gathered the key information for shower enclosure shapes and styles.

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