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Top 10 Queen Headboards

From metal to upholstery, choose a headboard style that works for you from our must-have product picks.

  • Liberty Furniture From $294.99
    This panel headboard is a classic, traditional style. Pair with a tailored bed skirt and add a bench at the foot of the bed a for sophis- ticated look.  

  • Lang Furniture From $271.99 (prices vary)
    Ideal for a child or teen bedroom, you can choose from six playful colors, including sweet pink and indigo blue. 

  • Skyline Furniture $384.99 (prices vary)
    Update your room with a velvet wingback headboard featuring traditional nailhead trim and modern-style tufting. 

  • Fashion Bed Group From $159.95 (prices vary)
    You won't break the bank with this bestselling metal headboard. A contemporary style, it will easily fit in almost any space.  

  • Hillsdale Furniture From $119.00 (prices vary)
    A customer favorite (200+ reviews!), this metal headboard can easily attach to any metal bed frame. A big style statement at a low price. 

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    From modern to traditional, our editors pick the best beds to complete your bedroom.

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