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Top 10 Pendant Lights

Give any space an instant update with one of our editors' favorite pendants under $200.

  • Millennium Lighting From $68.99 (prices vary)
    Available in two sizes and six finishes (including galvanized metal and crisp white) this vintage-style light is a best-seller.

  • Millennium Lighting $188.99
    Pendants are ideal for dining rooms. For proper spacing and light, be sure to hang a pendant 30-34 inches over the table.

  • Canarm $96.99
    Sleek and contemporary, this three-light pendant will add shine to any kitchen.

  • Feiss $72.00
    As an alternative to the standard kitchen pendant, hang three or four mini pendants in a row over the counter.

  • From design tips to placement advice, we share the secrets of good lighting.
    Want a budget-friendly way to update your home? Try new lighting!

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