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Top 10 Novelty Rugs

Add character to your space with these playful picks.

  • Liora Manne From $44.90 (prices vary)
    The script of this handmade pick will add a warm, feminine touch to any space.     

  • Liora Manne From $38.99 (prices vary)
    No matter the season, this colorful nautical flag-motif rug will add personality to your décor.

  • Garland Rug From $53.99 (prices vary)
    Decorate your groovy girl's bedroom with this retro choice. Plus, it's fade- and soil-resistant! 

  • Mohawk Home From $18.39
    Place our No. 1 best-selling rug in a kitchen or entryway. It won't go unnoticed!​   

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    Get tips for selecting the right size and shape rug for your room.

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