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Top 10 Mantel & Tabletop Clocks

Check out our editors' favorite table clocks, from functional alarm clocks to decorative mantel centerpieces.

  • IMAX $60.00
    For a touch of shimmer on any tabletop, look no further than this pewter clock.

  • Bulova $70.00
    Designed by the famous American architect, this clock is a sophisticated stunner. 

  • Taylor $53.00
    Set up this weather station in your kitchen so you can check the weather while making breakfast.

  • Global Views $449.99
    Talk about glam! Put this clock front and center on your mantel for an eye-catching focal point.

  • Omada $51.99
    Not the traditional alarm clock, this colorful version is budget-friendly and big on style.

  • Create a whole new look above your fireplace with a freshly updated mantel. 
    From classic to whimsical, find a style that works in your space with one of our must-have picks.

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