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Top 10 Living Room Sets

Our editors select their favorite living room sets, for every budget and style.

  • Franklin From $628.34 (prices vary)
    For under $2,000, this neutral set comes with a sofa, chair and a half, settee, and storage ottoman.

  • Tip!
    Available in five upholstery colors, this budget-friendly set is ideal for a first apartment.

  • Tip!
    Nailhead trim, intricate seaming, leather upholstery, and harp-shaped arms make this set worth the splurge.

  • Kingstown Home $1,249.99
    The clean lines of Mission furniture will never go out of style, and this set won't break the bank!

  • Get tips for maintaining the look and comfort of your sofa.
    From a style that will fit with your decor to a material that suits your lifestyle, we help you pick the right coffee table.

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