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Top 10 Juicers

Turn your favorite fresh fruits and veggies into delicious drinks with one of these editors' picks.

  • Hurom From $299.95
    Pressing your fruits and veggies (vs. grinding) is a quieter process and results in maximum nutrients and taste. 

  • L'Equip $119.99
    This juicer eliminates clogging by pushing the pulp upward and into a collection container. It also has a 10-year warranty.

  • Black & Decker $19.65
    Compact, lightweight, and inexpensive, this citrus juicer also spins in reverse to ensure you get every drop.

  • Breville $99.95
    Our best-selling juicer collects the pulp in a micromesh filter, making it super easy to clean. Its large tube takes whole fruit.

  • Champion Juicer $295.00
    The strong horsepower motor on this commercial-grade appliance also makes nut butters, baby food, and ice cream.

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