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Top 10 Holiday Garlands

Deck the halls (and banisters!) with holiday cheer with our favorite garlands of the season.

  • christmas garland
    Camdon Fir 50' Garland with 400 Clear Lights Vickerman Co. $204.99
    Create a timeless look by draping this full, natural-looking garland over your banister or mantelpiece.

  • Frosted Snowy Monterey Pine Series Garland with Berry Vickerman Co. $57.99
    Delicate, frosted pine branches with red berries lend an effervescent feel to this stunning accent piece.

  • Kincaid Spruce Pre-Lit Garland National Tree Co. $36.44
    Create an inviting, retro feel with this multi-colored garland by hanging it around a door frame. 

  • Glittery Bristle Pine Garland National Tree Co. $38.99
    Give your front porch a wintry holiday look with this traditional-style garland.  

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