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Top 10 Floor & Wall Tile

Whether you're updating your bathroom or kitchen, our editors select their favorite tile for your next home improvement project.

  • MS International $2.53/sq ft
    Wood-look tile has been trending because it offers the durability and coolness of tile with the sophistication of wood.

  • EliteTile $10.42/sq ft
    Use this azure blue tile on the backsplash to wake up a kitchen. Or tile a whole shower to make a bright, beautiful statement in a bathroom.

  • Bedrosians $23.09/sq ft
    Look no further than this sea glass-green subway tile for chic coastal appeal. 

  • MS International $6.24/sq ft
    At 24-inches square it won't take much of our best-selling tile to complete any project.

  • From the kitchen backsplash to the bathroom shower, discover how you can bring home the latest looks in tile.
    Learn the important characteristics of different tile materials to determine which one is right for your space.

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