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Top 10 Double Bathroom Vanities

Browse our selection of double vanities with lots of storage and customization options.

  • Design Element From $1,757.99 (prices vary)
    Keep in mind that some vanity sets do not include the faucets. This vanity comes without the faucets, but includes the Carrera marble top and two framed mirrors. 

  • Silkroad Exclusive $1,299.95
    With plenty of cabinet and drawer storage, this vanity features a modern, elegant design with brushed nickel hardware. 

  • Design House $942.35
    A classic choice, this white vanity offers several countertop and finish options to fit most styles.

  • Bauhaus Bath $2,099.99
    From faucet type to marble color, this transitional vanity can be customized to suit almost any decor.

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