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Top 10 Doormats

Our editors select the best welcome mats under $50.

  • Entryways $32.99
    Doormats made of coir, a fiber extracted from the husk of a coconut, are incredibly durable, and the coarse fibers trap dirt.

  • Bungalow Flooring From $53.33 (prices vary)
    The beautiful vine design isn't just for looks! The ridges lock in dirt and moisture, keeping the rest of your home nice and clean.

  • Seville Classics $29.99 (prices vary)
    This eco-friendly bamboo model provides a sophisticated look while still being lightweight and durable. 

  • Geo Crafts, Inc $30.13 (prices vary)
    Monogrammed mats are a popular choice since they're personal and pretty.

  • Imports Decor $61.95
    Coarse rope will help wipe tough mud and dirt from shoe soles. This one has a nautical feel, too!

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